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1967 Triumph TR6 High Performance Head


This 1967 Triumph TR6 High Performance Head shows our Super Port Flow tooled finish polished inside and outcustom dual plugging, S&W valve springs with titanium collars, Perfect Circle valve stem seals, and Mikuni Intake Manifold ported and matched to head.
This 1967 Triumph TR6 High Performance Head shows polished combustion chambers, oversized stainless steel valves with swirl polish, intake valves 1.655" OD, exhaust valves 1.500" OD, center bolt hole set up for Routt 750 Cylinder.
TR6 Combustion Chambers Polished
TR6 Dual Plugs Top Side
TR6 Dual Plug Wire Kit

 TR6 Exhaust Port
TR6 FLO Dynamics Combusion Chamber Assembled
TR6 FLO Dynamics Combustion Chamber Closeup
 TR6 FLO Dynamics Head Assembled
TR6 FLO Headworks Stamp
TR6 Intake Ports
TR6 Intake Ports Tooled Finish
TR6 Mikuni Manifold
TR6 Mikuni Manifold
TR6 Oversize SS valves
TR6 Perfect Circle Teflon Valve Stem Seal
TR6 S&W Valve Spring Kit

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