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1965 Triumph Bonneville Triumph Motorcycle

$High Bid Takes it!

Currently on display at Jay Leno's Garage
1965 Triumph Bonneville Custom Built by FLO Dynamics
Engine Fresh 784cc
Crankshaft 1973, Cross Drilled Journals, Ascott Style
Rods, Shot Peened
Balanced by Speedomotive So Cal
Pistons, TRW Forged 3.040” Compression Ratio 9:1
3 Piece Oil Rings
Chantland Alloy Cylinder
Cams by Megacycle Intake #1060 Exhaust #1000
Pushrods by Precision Machine
Valve Springs by S&W w/Alloy Collars
Head Ported & Polished by FLO Headworks
Valves Stainless Steel, Intake 1.690” Exhaust 1.530”
Carburetors by Mikuni 32mm
Throttle w/Cruise Control ! !
Oiling Top End “Positive Pressure” w/Oil Cooler & Filter
Breather System Multi Open “5”, Sump Type
Hoses all Steel Braded Aircraft w/Pingel Petcocks
Lucas Rita Electronic Ignition
Trident Rotor & Stator w/ Nicad Battery
Fully Soldered Wire Loom w/Lucas Halogen Headlight
5 Speed Transmission
Barnett Clutch w/ Alloy Plates
Dual Belt Drives by FLO Dynamics, overall Ratio 3.25
Frame Design by FLO Dynamics
PP Girder Front End w/Timken Bearings
Disc Brake 12” Drilled Stainless w/Lockeed Caliper
Avon Tires

Painted by “Tatoo Mike” Candy Tangerine w/Pinstripes & Mural
Well Over $30,000 Invested Highest Bid Takes It !
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PP Girder Front End


Tatooed Coffin Tank


Ascott Style Engine


Bonneville Mikuni


Chantland Cylinder 785cc


Front Belt Drive


Rear Belt Drive by FLO


Big HP Disc Brake


TT Street Foot Bar


Topend Breather


Price: $High Bid Takes it!


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